Courtesy of laurenmanning, Some Rights Reserved

First, please put in your RSS feeds reader the slide:ology blog: a must have if you have to make presentations even once on a while.

Second, watch at TED presentations, all of them, great content and great delivery techniques: this stuff rocks!

And now put the two stuff together and you’ll have a great post: Lessons from TED: 5 Simple Tweaks. 5 suggestions from the slide:ology team on how they made presentations with the TED constraints: limited budget, no template, 18 minutes. As these are quite common constraints in corporations, I thought to suggest the post to my readers.

Here are the suggestions (even if of course you need to read the whole post ):

  1. use a custom background
  2. choose your fonts wisely
  3. use animations and transitions appropriately
  4. one idea per slide
  5. take care of your images

What are your personal suggestions?