Courtesy of a2gemma, Some Rights Reserved

Very good post in Milke Cohn’s Blog (Succeeding With Agile): The Ideal Agile Workspace about what should be visible within the ideal agile workspace.

I think there are very good ideas for any kind of team to improve overall performance!

Here are the main points:

>> Big Visible Charts: having visual (updated) info for your main project info / metrics
>> Additional feedback devices: “it is common for an agile team to use additional visual feedback devices in their workspace
>> Everyone on your team: the team has to sit together!
>> The sprint backlog: make visible to the team what has to be completed in that unit of time (sprint)
>> The product backlog: help the team to have the view over the complete project
>> At least one big white board: for promoting help among team members
>> Someplace quiet and private: sometimes a private place is useful
>> Food and drink: nothing fancy but .. it helps!
>> A window: a touch of ‘nature’ (at least the light 🙂 )

What’s your experience?