Max: ‘Boss the activity is done!’
Boss: ‘Great, what did the customer say about that?’
Max: ‘The customer has not seen it yet’
Boss: ‘So it is not finished yet’
Max: ‘Well, we still need to do that small part … but the activity can be considered done’
Boss: ‘So it is not finished yet’
Max: ‘Well … as I said it is finished … except this small, unimportant stuff’

How many time have you seen this story with your team, with your suppliers, with your children?

The ‘definition of done’ is a key element in every situation in which something has to be release in some way (goal settings … have you ever heard about that? 🙂 )

The only trick I know to be successful is to EXTEND the scope of DONE as much as possible: and do it by asking every time what you can add to the delivery artifacts and processes to make the done even more done!