Suggested reading: Herding Cats – If I’m Doing Project Management Right am I Agile?.

Here are the conclusions (but read the article: there is MUCH more interesting stuff):

In fact here’s a better Manifesto

  1. Individual and interactions enabled by supporting processes and tools – tools don’t design products, people do. Use tools for what they are designed to do.
  2. Working software produced through appropriate documentation – the documents don’t fly, the product does. The documents tell us what to how to fly the product.
  3. Customer collaboration guided through a well written contract- people make decisions within the confines of the “rules.” Just like nations do. We need guidance on the mechanics of executing the project – who gets paid what, who owns what after we’re done, etc.
  4. Responding to change through a well run change control process that produces new plans and schedules – this is the role of the change board. Be it rigid or loose, managing change is needed otherwise its chaos.

This is called credible project management.