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I’ve received so many references to some posts I did a couple of years ago that I decided to post them again. Here they are:


My 18 months old child usually sleeps from 9pm to 7am without waking up. This night he woke up twice. Here are the reactions:

Father: $£&%£!=$ … I had an hard week, I slept few hours per day due to problems at work, early this morning I have the F1 GP and I can’t sleep even in the week end!!!

Mother: what a good boy!! He has a cold, his nose is completely blocked and he just woke up twice! We could have passed all the night next to him trying to help him sleeping. He did it for his mom and his dad!!! Poor boy!

So what? Events are usually NEUTRAL: it’s our mood, our mind status in that particular moment that attaches the judgment to an event. And this mood is contagious (with himself and with other people): people with bad mood will be worst and worst and he will join other people in the same mood (positive people will tend to abandon him).


A new beautiful post in the Agile Advice blog ( named: Follow the Principles and Adjust the Practices.
Talking about agility, here is an interesting interpretation of ‘events are neutral’ :
Reality is perceived… therefore we need to work hard to build a common perception of reality if we are to work together effectively. We need to amplify our learning. We can’t assume that our own understanding of a situation is going to be shared by others. At the very least we need to check: "do you see this?"

Let’s recognize that in some way or another we are all blind