Courtesy of voxtheory, Some Rights Reserved

Recent software applications have developed better and better UNDO systems: you can UNDO the deletion of an important file, you can UNDO a wrong filter while photo touching the picture of your son, I can UNDO bad rewriting while reviewing this post.

The UNDO feature is unfortunately not available in real life: especially when we deal with people. Every time you interact with people you make a step, UP or BACK, in the relationship: you cannot UNDO the ‘back’ steps.

One of the biggest cause of ‘back’ steps is when you personalize behaviors and facts. You do an undoable “back” step when you think that “it’s not that stuff that was wrong, it’s HIM who was wrong” or “it’s not that skills that has to be develop, it’s HIW who will be never able to do that” or “it’s not that rationale of that you don’t understand, it’s HIM being stupid or diverse or …”

So folks: what our sudden answers and remove, if you can, the REPLY TO ALL button from your email client!!!