Courtesy of piccadillywilson

Regular meetings are usually great places to find bad management practices (and yes, I’m a sinner!) Despite the bad management of the meeting itself, I want to underline something about decision making in meetings (IF it’s a meeting in which a decision has to be taken).

If there is a boss in the meeting itself, I mean someone ‘bigger’ than the others, this boss has a big responsibility in the process of making the decision.

  • He may want to take the decision itself, no matter what’s his competence. This is quite typical and repetitive pattern, very well observable .. and very dangerous in most cases. Dangerous for the decision, and dangerous for the team (see below).
  • He can lead the proper person to take / propose a decision, empowering it, giving trust. This is very good for the decision in most cases, and it’s very good for the team … supposing your goal is having a great team that can perform in an excellent way without you 🙂