Courtesy of Paul Worthington, Some Rights Reserved

I still recommend ZenHabits as a great blog! The last post, 10 Signs You’re a Productivity Junkie, describes some of the effects of the ‘too much thinking, not enough doing).

Here is, among the 10, what I like more:

  • You spend significant amounts of time comparing GTD systems with other life “hackers.”
  • Improperly filing tasks on your color-coded to-do list is cause for serious disappointment. It has the potential to ruin your week!
  • Conversations with friends are broken up by you jotting notes to yourself. People ask you if you’re writing a book and you reply “I just don’t want to forget any of this.”
  • You get things done, only to make more time to get more things done. The biggest sign you’ve become a productivity junkie is when you’ve lost site of the purpose for being productive… to have more free time.

The last one is GREAT! 🙂