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In the Information technology we were used to make external activities since the beginning: services or projects. That is someone taking care of things you don’t want to do internally your structure / Business Unit / Company.

Nowadays we talk about about sourcing strategies but … that’s the stuff.

The bad news is that no matter if you do it internally or externally, you need to take care of these activities if you want to have success.

For this reasons, we have invented the concept of SLA (Service Level Agreement) or delivering of artifacts at project milestones.

The other bad news is that SLAs suck! Our nature of human beings is looking for the shortest path and the short path here is ‘play for the metric’. As the SLA is an ‘imperfect’ description of the result you need, you will have people trying to achieve SLAs instead of results.

So how can we handle it? Suggestions?