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Here are the 12 suggestions by Kerry A. Bunker and Michael Wakefield in this article of the Harvard Management Update site

  • Catalyze change
  • Cope with transition
  • Show a sense of urgency
  • Demonstrate realistic patience
  • Be tough
  • Be empathetic
  • Show optimism
  • Be realistic and open
  • Be self-reliant
  • Trust others
  • Capitalize on strengths
  • Go against the grain

The real trick is not really applying these suggestions, but it’s finding the balance between opposites. And to learn this trick you have to read the whole beautiful article! Let me just paste here the finish paragraph:

Leading change is largely about managing paradox and making sense of competing views. It is about developing a style that builds trust through authenticity and careful balance. Of course, given the tensions that are continually in play, there will be circumstances that require more emphasis on one of the competing competencies than on the other. It’s not possible to be perfectly in balance all the time. But it’s an ideal worth striving for.