image Another very good article in the Zen Habits blog (subscribe to it: it worth the read) called 12 New Rules of Working You Should Embrace Today.

And here they are:

  1. Online apps and the cloud beat the desktop and hard drive
  2. Collaborate on documents, don’t email them
  3. Collaboration is the new productivity
  4. People don’t have to be in an office
  5. Archive, don’t file
  6. Small teams are better than large teams
  7. Communication is a stream
  8. Fewer tasks are better than many
  9. Meeting (usually) suck
  10. Open-source is better than closed
  11. Rest is as important as work
  12. Focus, don’t crank

… if you follow this blog I’m sure reading this list has already encouraged you to read the full article.

To add my comment: I couldn’t agree more on all the topics about communication, better use of new ‘internet’ habits (don’t file, just search) and rest / focus /task management.
I’m a bit more cold on open-source (it still has too much the taste of a ‘religion’ more than of an opportunity) and people not being in the “office” (effective communication is face to face)

Let me also quote what you can read in the About page of the Zen Habits blog:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle


P.S. Thanks to Clearly Ambiguous for the beautiful picture