By llawliet

Why do we generally hate meetings? Because they are boring, long, useless, … Plus it’s really cutting edge and cool: “I don’t go to meetings”, “I hate meetings”, “we don’t need meetings” … and this is truth for advices fomr ‘business coaches’ too: “don’t loose time in meeting”.

What’s strange is that the best of breed paradigms of management and leadership are base on two cornerstones:

  1. people is the key
  2. face to face communication is the best

And if you care about your people and you want to have a face to face communication with them you need to meet them. So saying that people is the key AND meetings are evil is a contradiction.

The right question is: how can we meet people in a more effective and efficient way? And you need an answer on two main areas:

  • how to (technically) run this ‘time slots (previously called meetings 🙂 )’
  • how you and the people that you meet must behave during these ‘times slots’ to maximize results