image Saturday I was watching the Italian Superbowl (American football). Very interesting match: the two teams worked hard and did a good show (ok, not the US Superbowl, here we have 3000 spectators and just local TV coverage).

Reggio Emilia Hogs won with a great defense (offense sells tickets, defense wins the games) and with a perfect and continuous use of the Wing T formation almost impossible to be defended by the competitors (Bologna Warriors).

While I was watching at the final ceremony, I found myself planning alternatives to defend against a Wing T.

I’m not a football coach and I’ve never played football, I’ve a poor technical competence on that topic … but I’ve studied engineering and I’ve been a manager for years. This means that my brain has some embedded programs that start looking at solution patterns when a problem arise. So, without realizing, I discover my brain looking for solutions, piling possible ideas, planning for things to do with the team.

And this is something that happens all the time to all of us: focus? Habit? Surviving strategies?