The Four Hour Workweek, the book by Timothy Ferriss, is getting very positive and very negative feedback. You can like it or not, but a lot has been said about it … and this means he was able to touch the right nerve.

I’ve just read a post called What I hate about the 4-hour work week … by Michael Cage. Read it and here are some thoughts:

What I do hate is the underlying philosophy that makes an idea like The 4- Hour Work Week so appealing. […]
The world doesn’t need any more people selling crap so they can live a playboy’s life.
It needs people who are committed and passionate about who they are and what impact they want to be having. People for whom each day is an opportunity to do what they love, experience the ripples flowing from their efforts, and be well rewarded for it.


P.S. Thanks to Piernicola De Maria for suggesting the link in his blog.