By AMagill, Some rights reserved

As you know, if you read this blog, few days ago we run into a replacement of all keys that are used for automatic coffee machines or other automatic dispensers.

A pretty easy task: you just need to return your key, and the give back a new one with the correct amount of money charged. A straightforward task that has be done for hundreds of people an surely CAN BE DONE POORELY.

With my surprise, they did a great job. A guy came next to the dispenser with a small magic box and sample instructions:

  • plug the old key in the first hole
  • plug the new key in the second hole
  • wait for an OK message (all money transferred and key activated) in a small visor
  • … and that’s all: less than 10 seconds including a smile and a ‘thank you’


P.S. Interesting how such a simple event can lead to (by now) two blog posts 🙂