By Miroku, Some Rights Reserved

Reading other posts in the Gemba Panta Rei site, I’ve been redirected to an interesting article in the New Yorker site, called The Checklist.

There are a lot of great examples and thoughts, so read it if you like the topic!

Let me just underline something happened when Boeing, in 1935, presented to the US Army Air Corp a new plane that was by far better then the products of all other competitors. He was so perfect that … it crashed for a human error at its test flight (2 of 5 crew members died). It was declared as ‘too much airplane for one man to fly‘.

Do you know what saved Boeing from bankrupt?

They [a group of test pilots] came up with an ingeniously simple approach: they created a pilot’s checklist, with step-by-step checks for takeoff, flight, landing, and taxiing. Its mere existence indicated how far aeronautics had advanced. In the early years of flight, getting an aircraft into the air might have been nerve-racking, but it was hardly complex. Using a checklist for takeoff would no more have occurred to a pilot than to a driver backing a car out of the garage. But this new plane was too complicated to be left to the memory of any pilot, however expert.

Interesting lessons for IT geeks around!