There is no day in which I miss reading an article or receiving complains (from peers, directs, colleagues, clients) about how hard it is to run IT in a company, how low is the user’s satisfaction, how far are IT managers to strategic decisions of the company ….

Here is what I read today in Shena Dale‘s GREAT! blog about what NASA is deeply looking for:

    1. clarify the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) […] and define core IT services that shall be provided by the CIO;
    2. realign the NASA IT organization to reflect the role of the CIO and better connect with customers;
    3. create a governance structure and processes to engage key stakeholders, inform IT investment decisions, and apply project management discipline to IT projects;
    4. increase visibility into IT budgeting and spending through management controls and fund base IT services through a combination of Corporate and Center Management and Operations funding;
    5. improve integration, security, and efficiency of IT by consolidating infrastructure and management control;
    6. assign ownership of application portfolios and create a CIO-facilitated process to drive application standardization and efficiencies

    Running IT in a company seems TO BE ROCKET SCIENCE and Innovation 🙂