I’m not entitled (well, I probably might be but …) to talk about effective presentation techniques: for this I let you go to one of my favorite sites Presentation Zen.

My contribution here, is that in my corporate experience I daily find (at least) two kind of presentations:

  1. Real Presentations
  2. Political Presentations

In Real Presentations, as I wrote, you can surely improve reading Garr Reynolds site (and practicing!)

Political Presentations are a different form of communication. They are those presentations … that will be never presented. They are reports written, usually between big bosses, using Power Point to send three messages:

  1. If YOU had time, I’d present it;
  2. even I am very busy;
  3. … take a look at it and tell me what you think!

No comments about this habit, I just want to suggest to use a more ‘verbose’ way of writing if you need to prepare (for your boss 😉 ) one of them