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“Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a organizational development process; […] it is a particular way of asking questions and envisioning the future that fosters positive relationships and builds on the basic goodness in a person, a situation, or an organization” – Wikipedia

The root of this process is a well known paradigm for anyone who has a son or daughter … but this doesn’t mean we are good at it (I confess: I’m sinner).

<<Giammy what a beautiful tree you drew! try to paint a house now>> instead of <<Yes but the tree should be taller, and the trunk smaller. The leaves are green nor brown … >>

<<Andrew you ate the all pasta by yourself for the first time: bravo!>> instead of <<ok ok but … WAIT! watch your shirt, don’t get dirty. Look, you throw those pieces of past our of the dish. No no no no .. pay attention …>>

What’s your experience? Do you use appreciative inquiry or tend to focus more on errors?