Lately reading around the agile software development community, I feel that something is going wrong.

XP. SCRUM and all the other agile methodologies were borne with a single intention in mind ‘uncovering a better way of developing software‘.

That’s where I feel embarrassed: sometimes we forget that the goal of software development is to make the company make money. So a better way of developing software should help in making more money. This is what we should always take in mind!

And here is where the agile paradigms can help: there are different ways of developing software. Agile methodologies help in having a better result for the customer, for the dev team and for the company itself.

BUT the primary goal is to make your company more profitable: that’s what these methods are designed for. All your choices, in your path to agile, should be submitted to that goal: so release consistently, release value for the customer, respect schedule, release quality. Help your customers to win in their business.