This Sunday I prepared a video CD with some pictures of my son for my parents. I added some music, edited the whole stuff and then burtn the CD.

Then I went to see how it looks like on TV: watching and listening I felt myself thinking mroe then once: ‘great job, the lyric of the song in this moment fits perfectly with this picture’.

But you know what, it was an unwanted feature: I never thought about it while editing. It was just my brain, fully involved in watching and remembering, that was trying to find similarities and put all the pieces together.

When we are in front of something new, we tend to have one of two different approaches to categorize / analyze the event:

  1. we immetiately recognize, or pretend to recognize, what’s ‘similar’ with us / our experience / our ‘world’
  2. we immediately underline the differences with us / our experience / our ‘world’

If you start noticing it, these patterns are quite repetitive in people.