My smartphone got broken: I destroyed the screen.

I’ve been using smartphones (or similar stuff) for years and I have just a standard mobile phone as a backup. So I’m in crisis because smartphone addiction lead to some problems:

  • your contact lists is in your PC: if your mobile phone is not able to connect with this list, you are doomed (and it’s my case!)
  • your professional life is in your calendar: if your mobile phone has no no calendar or is not able to connect with your main calendar, you are doomed (and it’s my case!)
  • your smartphone is like your PC: this means that you have installed a lot of stuff and, every time you change it, you need to reinstall everything. And what’s worst, installing and setting up your smartphone is trickier!

If you add that we are in Christmas time (so no way to have it fixed in a decent time) and that I have some important events in the first days next year …. you understand why I’m depressed.

Merry Christmas 😦