As Mark & Mike use to say, Project Management is essentially: WHO does WHAT by WHEN.

I’d like to focus on the WHEN and on the Parkinson’s law: “work expands to fill the time available”. This law says that no matter how long the time estimated is, work will expand to fill it completely AND … we will be late! 🙂 And this is DANGEROUS.

And I think is even MORE DANGEROUS trying to use the same law in the other way: work CONTRACTS to stay in the time shrank by someone else.

When a Project Manager / boss try to shrink, two might be the effects:

  1. (bad) he is giving the team an alibi to make a debt: and we will pay these debt FOR SURE, and SOON
  2. (not as bad as the previous) he is correcting an error he did: not giving the right focus / sense of urgency