I love a team/company in which the person you contact for a request / problem takes care of you (and your request / problem): answering in a professional way, listening to your need / complain, getting the info he need,  FOLLOWING UP in a defined time.

I love it being a client of such a service, and I love it being a provider of such a service. No matter who you are:  when you get a request you have to manage it (if you are a service provider) !

But managing a request doesn’t mean SOLVING IT BY YOURSELF!

I think this is especially true in high motivated / performing teams and for tech geeks (speaking as a sinner 🙂 ): they often like to face this kind of situations especially:

  • if they are difficult (yes! I CAN do it!),
  • if they deal with ‘something new’ (cooool, let’s play with it !!!),
  • if solving it is a a kind of ‘heroic action’ (pride!).

This often lead to an over-reaction: the correct colleague, partner, supplier is not involved at the beginning. This lead to a NON solution or to a solution that’s often worst than the request / problem.

So without discouraging the ‘sense of service’, you better watch for a consistent and stable answer (speed is not the only parameter).