I hit something that made a crack in the windshield of my car.

I took the car to a proper place next to my office to have it repaired. They told me :<< you can leave it here and we’ll fix it immediately. No problem for your commute tonight!>>. GREAT, I thought!

At 7p.m. I went to take it and .. unfortunately the car was not ready: they broke the new windshield while mounting it. The gave me the owner’s car as a courtesy car and promised to have the car fixed for the day after. And this time they were true.

Two reasons I will not go there to fix my car any longer:

  1. they didn’t call me immediately to say they had a problem. They waited me to go there that evening and have a ‘late surprise’;
  2. the courtesy car was so ruined that I had three doubts:
    • Will I be able to reach my home with such a flatiron?
    • Do they have the right skills to repair my car, if this is what they do with their own car?
    • Are they capable to take care of my car, if this is how they take care of their own car?