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Every manager is surrounded by directs, peers, clients and bosses who have GREAT solutions for every problem the manager has. And this might be true as we are usually bad and unprepared professionals.

BUT what I see in most of the cases is that these solutions are unfeasible, no matter HOW MUCH POWER they think you have, because:

  • they need a sudden, global and complete change of mentality / methods of a big bunch of people: and this is not always possible;
  • they need resources that are not available at all (money?) or not available NOW (people? skills?);
  • they need that someone else, that we cannot control, does something BEFORE we can do anything.

I think that everyone, at every level, should do his personal, single, SMALL, step in the right direction every single day.

No magic, no silver bullets usually come to solve a problem: think at what YOU can do, that’s in your duties, that’s feasible for you. If everyone does the same, we will win as a team and not loose as individuals.