I’m at page 2 of the GREAT slides that Mary Poppendieck presented at Agile2007 (The Role of Leadership), and I get stuck by these assumptions:

– Workers will do as little as possible

– Workers do not care about quality

– Workers are not smart enough to know the best way to do their job

No … these are not the assumptions a group of managers are doing RIGHT NOW about you and your team (as you could imagine). These are the assumptions that Mr.Winslow Taylor made 100 years ago !!!! They should sound pretty modern as they are deeply used nowadays! 🙂

And look at the view of efficiency:

– Experts define the best way through breaking down the job into parts and finding the best way to do each part

– Pay workers extra for following the method determined by the experts

… have you ever seen such a company?? 🙂

Stay tuned, more posts on this beautiful presentation will come!