Interesting post on the WSJ site called: Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You

Everything starts from the admission that <<in between typing up reports and poring over spreadsheets, we use our office PCs to keep up with our lives>>. The problem here is that <<Our employers sometimes don’t like it. Partly, they want us to work while we’re at work. And partly, they’re afraid that what we’re doing compromises the company’s computer network — putting the company at risk in a lot of ways>>

So, first of all the bad guys are not the IT guys but ‘our employers’ 🙂

Second, in the article there here is a list of things you can do to get around your IT dept. in a (according to them) safe way.

I think that some of this suggestions are really bad for a single reason: the problem it is NOT (only) to protect the company’s network, the problem is to protect one of the most precious things a company in 2007 has (except for people): data! Data produced with the work, the blood and the sweat of everyone in the company. And I get REALLY angry thinking that my blood can be wasted in a stupid way.

How to search for your work documents from home or How to store work files online or How to access your work email remotely should be services provided by the company, if they are necessary!.