Last night I was talking with a friend on mine about how useless it is to argue / fight with people (at work or not). Not only it’s useless but it’s also time consuming, non ecological, stressful and, above all, it doesn’t get you MORE result than having a persuasive discussion.

We agreed that sometimes it’s worthwhile if you know that you have good changes to win (it’s not exactly the only occasion but it’s off topic).

Thinking about this last idea, I reminded what Marco Rosetti (a really SMART person I know) told me once: if you want to show a WINNER, you better show at least ONE looser!

This means that you probably are going to win in that angry dispute but for sure your counterpart is going TO LOOSE with all the BAD consequences that will follow …. for him and FOR YOU.

So I need to find ANOTHER situation in which arguing / fighting is a plus (talking as a sinner 🙂 ).