Building a new piece of software seems usually pretty trivial to our customers. This is especially true when you have these two conditions:

  1. the application is ‘small enough’ (depending on your organization)
  2. your customer knows how to write an Excel macro

But thousands of documented project failures state that this is not true! Building software is not trivial for one of these two reasons (or a combination of both):

  1. it might be trivial, but we are not good enough in building it
  2. it’s not as easy as you could imagine. Moreover there are a lot of (what you could call) details that you miss if you are not a professional: and these are the hidden costs (time, resources, money …)!

But you know what:

  1. I’m tired of telling this story
  2. what’s more important I don’t like to hide myself behind the myth of complexity. Usually we say “you know, it’s a complex stuff!” when we don’t know the answer or when we don’t know how to explain. In few words, when we are looking for an excuse

So, you might ask, what’s the sense of this post?? Real answer: I don’t know!

I’d just like to be good enough to explain to all the customers which are the real parameters! I’d like to gain the respect that is needed to talk with customers of the important stuff: VALUE!

VALUE is given by priority, VALUE is avoiding waste, VALUE is throughput, VALUE is Running Tested Features, VALUE is good people doing things in a good way, ….