Michael is having an exciting experience, similar to the one I am having, about contacts with different cultures and agile adoption in India.

In his post Agile India he starts from a very good and sharable point:

it’s just as unfair to say Indians can’t be agile as it is to say that white guys can’t dance

and ends with this interesting statement:

India is becoming a very entrepreneurial country, and entrepreneurship means agility. You can’t be an entrepreneur without also being agile (I’ve never seen a bureaucrat be an entrepreneur). My experience and these observations lead me to conclude that India is capable of being just as agile as America.

I don’t have the data I need to throw such a conclusion and, to tell the truth, I don’t see why Indians or other populations shouldn’t be able to use agility as critical success factor.

What I think is that there is a deeper problem to analyze: India, in IT, often means outsourcing.

How an agile model can work when customers, part of the team and, probably, main contractors are in one place, and the team is in another (far!) place?

I’ll keep reading Michael, he is a smart guy and I hope he’ll find the answer!