Thanks to Mishkin and his always interesting Agile Advice Blog, I had the chance to read a post in the Agency Time Blog called: “Timeless time” and the new economy.

This post deals with how the concept of working time has changed in the last years due, basically, to IT.

People work in an office (not a factory), they use web-based time sheets (not a punch clock), they carry their laptops home with them (not leave their tools at the factory), and they have all sorts of personal technologies that allows work to follow them on the road, to lunch, and even home. Their clients are up at all hours, in different time zones, asking them for work. Even their immediate colleagues work in other offices, pinging them through instant messenger or phoning their cell phones.

Follow her blog if you want to understand why she’s not going to measure “how many hours” and, above all, WHAT she is measuring 🙂