The fast Internet explosion has brought us to the Almost Good era: we are all used (well, less in the last days) to broken links, or semi-broken web pages or something like that.

Knowledgeable people talks about Internal and External Quality. This concept is related to the concept of External Attributes of an application (more or less what’s related to the User Experience) and Internal Attributes (what’s related to how the app is designed).

I think that the Almost Good concept shouldn’t be used for Internal Attributes: the kind of defects that arise from this non-quality have a deep impact, among others, on the cost of rework (waste!) and the velocity (how much value I can grant to my user in the unit of time).

I can see an opportunity for Almost Good for External Attributes if the bar is properly set for that application / user: moving from good to great might be the wrong choice if compared to adding new functionalist.