ROI is a natural concept: I’ve no problems in spending 50€ for a book but I’ve been struggling for 2 years to buy a 10000€ bike. Why?? Because I can’t figure out a reason that’s good enough to convince me. I need it? May be. Could it help in some way? Probably. Is there a real value for me? Hard to say ….

We tend to use this Natura ROI concept only over a ‘certain level’ of effort / money / value. It’ a kind of ALERT system.

In our corporate life, all over the world, the ROI concept is often and often driving choices. And … it’s applied exactly in the same way: someone sets the bar high, and to spend above the bar you need to calculate it!

So what? Stay below the bar!

Split stuff and start working small: adjust, correct, small steps, small releases, small decisions, continuous feedback, small failures, adjust, small steps …. be driven by what’s good for your customer. The value will emerge!

Is this idea sustainable??? Give me your feedback!

(Thanks Roberdan for the great chat about this topic)