Reading the blog Strategie Competitive nel Mercato del Software, I noticed this interesting post: Cosa è il Web2.0 (“What is Web2.0“).

This interesting article points the user to the Web2.0 Principles and Best Practices O’Really paper. It costs some money and you can read an excerpt for free.

In this expert there is a list of what they define best practices for Web2.0 developments:

  • Release early and release often.
  • Engage users as co-developers and real-time testers.
  • Instrument your product.
  • Incrementally create new products.
  • Make operations a core competency.
  • Use dynamic tools and languages.

It’s amazing how close they are to the way we (in my company) implement agility!!!

Beyond the obvious agile items, I want to underline two points that are too seldom considered as important as they be:

Instrument your product. In the development process, you need to plan for and implement
not only the customer-facing application but also a framework for capturing how customers are using your product. What users do often tells you more than what they say.
This framework of instrumentation must be […] as the product itself.

Make operations a core competency. When software is an always-available
online service, it is no longer just software development that determines
success, it’s operations—that day-to-day ongoing management of data and