Interesting post, as usual, by Michael Hugos in the Doing Business in Real Time Blog: The 30-Day Blitz, IT Agility in Action.

Here is the interesting and promising beginning and end: go to the blog and read it all !!

The best way to launch a project is to deliver tangible business value in the first 30 days. I call this the 30-Day Blitz.


First, people do not care about technology, they just want the needed information and capabilities delivered to them as quickly and simply as possible. Second, keep scope narrow by delivering the 20% of capabilities that provide 80% of the value. Third, keep IT super simple (KISS); it’s often better to build systems where the user interface is composed of common office productivity tools like spreadsheets, web browsers, word processing, and personal databases. People already know how to use these tools so there is much less of a learning curve.