Here is another example on how to improve your process step by step: Ah Ah, The Daily Build Revisited … Revisited.

It’s a story about a team reticent, at the beginning, in investing in a true, automated, daily build process …. having success in 6 weeks with tangible benefits:

§ Team has immediate feedback on any changes that affect the baseline and automated tests.

§ Small debugging of daily builds increases confidence. Confidence in the iteration grows daily, along with the code.

§ Daily builds foster communication. ( new developer: “I checked this in but broke the build, what did I do wrong?”)

This is one of the values that Agility gave me: attention on HOW to do things, and attention on continuous small improvements!

You are completely right if you think that this is not a private characteristic of Agility: in this case Agility just helped me in focusing on different (I hope more important) stuff instead of teaching me a set of pre-defined rules/procedures/tasks/milestones to follow.