One of the most difficult career improvement is when you move from being an individual contributor to a boss.

You were good in doing something by yourself and your company promoted you. So you change role trying to keep doing what you used to do for at least two very good reasons:

  • because it’s your job: you have always done it, you know how to do it
  • because you are VERY GOOD at doing it: in fact your company as promoted you!

Unfortunately, things start going not as good as you thought: you have MUCH less time than before. Too much time in explaining to you directs how to do stuff and so you fall into two classical errors:

  • you start doing yourself as much as you can (the ‘not invented here syndrome‘)
  • you start to micromanage (do this, do that, change this, change that)

So what you have to do to succeed?? A single DIFFICULT thing: you have to stop doing what you like more! This is the only way to start learning the new stuff you need to become a good boss.

What’s your idea about it?