I found an interesting article reading the Resistance and Perception post in the Agile Advice blog.

Here is what the article is about: you have a problem and you find a solution. This solution has just a minor side effect: it requires people to change what they are doing. And, guess what, they are doing resistance. Have you ever lived such a situation (in both roles)? 🙂

The author of the original article, Dale H. Emery, found four factors that prevent people to do or not to do what they are asked for:

  • expectations about the request
  • communication about the request
  • the relationship with the person making the request
  • influences from the environment

These factors belong to the three questions everyone asks himself when you try to convince him:

  • Will I be able to do this?
  • If I do it, what will be the results?
  • Do I want those results?

Have a look at the article and give me your feedback.