I had to go to a ceremony, this week end, in my hometown.

My wife was on holidays on Friday, so she offered to prepare and put all the dressing stuff in the bag so we could leave on Friday night as soon as I was back from work.

I smiled, said thank you and gave her the list by phone: blue suit, light blue shirt, gray tie, dark blue socks, black belt, black shoes. Easy!

On Saturday, while dressing, here were the surprises:

  • she took dark blue socks but … woolen ones and not cottons one. Come on … there are 25C degrees … yes I know they are hard to recognize if you are not used to and I’ve not still completely swapped all the woolen with the cotton ones but … come on!
  • she took the black belt but …. the one I used when I was (even 🙂 ) fatter! Come on .. yes it’s black and nicer then the other but … I meant the first one you see when you open the wardrobe … come on!

This real life story shows that no matter how you now the business context, how you know your users, how easy the request seems … you are gonna fail!