You have to read this post called Complexity and the Theory of the Regular Guy.

Complexity is actually the sign of an incompletely solved problem or an incompletely understood situation.

As Michael Hugos says:

think about times when people use the word complex to describe something;[..] This is much like what ancient geographers used to do when trying to draw maps of parts of the earth they didn’t know anything about. In those areas on their maps they would draw in mythical creatures or state, “Here be dragons.

I fully agree, talking about the misuse of the word: complexity. And yes, this misuse is the ‘use’ that we usually do every day.

On the contrary, I suggest the site of ComplexLab: 90% is in italian but … these guys are trying to collect a community around ‘real’ complexity. Give them a chance!

And probably complexity itself might be just the sign of an incompletely understood situation … or not?