As IT professional, we often complain that users are treating us in a very bad way: it seems like everyone think we are playing videogames the whole day and that we are poor in doing easy things that they could do better if just they had some more time.

To tell the truth, I sometimes feel tired of such a situation.

And we could probably gain respect just doing our service in a EXTREMELY excellent way.

If we do everything in a perfect way they will probably thing it’s really as easy as they thought and when we fail, because sooner or later we will make an error, they will be even more disappointed.

So probably the solution is doing our service in a EXTREMELY excellent way and communicate with them in a VERY EXTREMELY excellent way. When I write communicate I mean:

  1. LISTEN to their needs. Let me say it again: LISTEN to heir need (listening is an active action in which we, as IT guys, SWITCH ON our brains and try to understand what they are saying)
  2. EXPLAIN as you were talking to your mother: professionally AND with easy terms

Or not?