Why does a manager scream in a typical meeting: ‘this project / activity / department / company is a mess‘ ?

I see two possible reasons:

  1. the project / activity / department / company IS a mess
  2. he personally doesn’t know enough about the project / activity / department / company, so it must be a mess

Point 1 is obvious, so I’ll focus on point 2.

Here are some random thoughts.

  • For many: no knowledge = no control = no one can be in control = it’s a mess
  • For many: trust is a good thing to manage a group … but not on my projects!
  • For many: having a lot of paper / reports / dashboard means having control
  • Communication is important: no matter if you are controlling your, for ex., project. If your boss doesn’t know much about it, it will always think you are not controlling it = it’s a mess
  • Unknown is scary

Do you want to add more?