In the last days, I had the opportunity to talk with some friends of mine about IT services they provide in their companies. Talking about Help Desk services they have two different approaches and the same result: users are not happy, IT people are not happy.



Each user is local admin of his PC. When he asks for a new box, help desk technicians install the basic configuration + desired apps then the users add – remove – modify apps, configurations as he like. Configuration differs a lot from PC to PC even in the same organizational unit. Operating system and apps are quite up-to-date (Win XP, as an example)

Users are not happy because they feel that there is no asset management; because IT guys are not skilled enough; because help desks activities are always SLOOOWWWWWW; because in any case IT is not providing them with the latest bits; because PCs are slow; because disks are small and RAM is not enough; because configurations are too different when they move to another PC; because it takes too long to configure a new PC; …

IT guys are not happy because configurations are too different from PC to PC; because they don’t have a reference configuration where to test new stuff; because users want always the latest and greatest stuff that sometimes they don’t know yet; because they cannot do any form of configuration management to make some work automatic; because any time they have to release patches to the whole company, 15% of PCs get broken; ….


No user is local admin. No one can install apps or modify configurations. Configurations are pretty standard all over the company. Operating systems and apps are old in term of version (Win 2000, as an example).

Users are not happy because technology is running and they are 3-to-5 years behind; because they usually have at home PCs faster and with FAR better/newer tools; because despite such fix configurations, help desks activities are always SLOOOWWWWWW; because their productivity could be much faster with newer technologies; because they feel the company wants to control them; because they fell no one cares about this problem and the company wants just to cut costs; ….

IT guys are not happy because many apps cannot run on PCs where users are not admin so they have extra configuration / tuning effort; because they suffer of the same limitations: see ‘users are not happy because’; because they feel frustrated for such an old and slow environment;


I’d like to know how things are working in your organization (no matter if you  are the provider or the user) and how happy you are with the situation!


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