jcatcw writes on SlashDot this interesting post called ‘Why don’t More CIOs Become CEO?‘. He quotes this article you can find in the ComputerWorld web site.

Here is the incipit:

There are 500 companies in the Fortune 500 and only a handful of former CIOs in the top job. You’ll find a similar situation around the world; […]
Knowing what we know about CIOs — that is, that most are smart, hardworking, supremely aware of how the business works and increasingly savvy regarding the workings of external customers’ minds — the failure of more CIOs to become CEO has to be one of the biggest mysteries of our age.

The author writes that many CIOs have the 8 basic traits that every CEO should have according to In Search of Excellence, the famous book by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman … but … they still don’t get it.

Have a look at the article and, as Thornton A. May asks in his post, if any readers can shed light on it, I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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