Here are some thoughts of David Anderson in his Agile Management Blog about our future as IT professional.

As I’ll be 40 this year, let me quote here something about me 🙂

If you are 40 years old now, you probably have 30 years of useful and viable career left ahead of you – don’t kid yourself about retirement at 65 or earlier. [However, a “3rd life” option of semi-retirement and work as a consultant may be an option at an earlier age but it doesn’t affect what I’m going to say.] During those 30 years most of your industry is going to move to Asia in the way that manufacturing abandoned Western shores in the latter half of the 20th Century. Do you want to be unemployed IT manager in your early 50’s with kids to put through college and a mortgage with 15 years left to run? or do you want to have a viable career that will last in to your late 60’s? Will getting some Asian experience now assist you with that? Will Asian management experience enable you to have a healthy 3rd life career as a consultant, perhaps living in America but traveling to Asia regularly?