Here is a post on SlashDot about how our (I’m an IT guy) attitude towards our users, our sometimes bad concept of service providing, is leading to bad results.

I’m cutting / pasting here the post: go the site for reading comments:

“Why does IT get a free pass to insult users? Slamming customers isn’t acceptable in any other profession; doctors don’t call their patients “meatbags” — at least, not publicly. But IT professionals think nothing of wearing their scorn on their sleeves (or at least their chests — just check out ThinkGeek). There’s more at stake here than just a few hard feelings. IT may be seriously damaging the credibility of the profession. See the essay I’m An Idiot (And Other Lessons From The IT Department) for a former IT professional turned user’s take on insults, attitudes and ethics. (Full disclosure: The submitter is also the author.)”

If you are an IT guy, I strongly recommend that you read the It ought to be SIMPLE site that’s mentioned in that post. Here is what it says about IT (who writes has been a SW Dev Managers for years):

There’s a disconnect between business and IT, and it’s both counter-productive and unnecessary. There are simply too many things that get in the way of cooperation between the two: too many misconceptions, misapprehensions, and prejudices, Too much noise. This site is committed to identifying, addressing, and eliminating those barriers. After all, it ought to be simple.


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