Working with Prof.Succi of Univeristy Of Bolzano, I learnt the GQM approach.

I want to share with you what you can read on wikipedia about this cool system to define useful metrics for your team / your business …


GQM, the acronym for “Goal, Question, Metric”, is an approach to metrics that was developed by Victor Basili of the University of Maryland, College Park and the Software Engineering Laboratory at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

GQM defines a measurement model on three levels:

  1. Conceptual level (goal): A goal is defined for an object for a variety of reasons, with respect to various models of quality, from various points of view and relative to a particular environment.
  2. Operational level (question): A set of questions is used to define models of the object of study and then focuses on that object to characterize the assessment or achievement of a specific goal.
  3. Quantitative level (metric): A set of metrics, based on the models, is associated with every question in order to answer it in a measurable way.



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