In these holidays I had the chance to think at basic needs we have in our personal life (i.e. a home) and in our professional life (i.e a desk)

Why?? Because two things happened:

  1. We were hosted by my family, in my hometown, for Christmas long week end. One evening my 2 years old son told me: let’s go back to our home! Mmmmm … interesting: the notion of ‘my home‘ is something that we have also when we are so young. It must be pretty basic and important!!!
  2. A friend of mine, that I could call brother, work in an international company. This company is doing a ‘shared desk policy’: no one (with some exceptions) as a desk anymore. I think managers should try to find a better balance between cost reduction and people basic needs. I don’t think cutting 10 desks worth the cost of privating people of something that’s probably a sort of ‘home’ at work!