Interesting podcast about Ruby and programming languages. Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto talks about Ruby and many correlated things.

I appreciated some reasoning about how the language effects the way we think. If we are Italian mother tongue or English mother tongue we reason in different ways, not just for different cultural approach but for language related (syntactic and semantic) reasons.

This is true for natural languages and for programming languages. So the programming language makes the difference not only for its ‘features’ but also for the way in which it makes us think (for example OO or not)!

The good news is that if switching between natural languages is almost impossible (you can live in a different country for years, and you’ll keep thinking in your mother language), switching between programming languages can be done. It’s hard but can be done!

This is an interesting concept that can effect how we choose languages for our company and how we choose people to hire.

Among other concepts, listen to the podcast to understand the principles besides Ruby.